After working in several different locations in downtown Winneconne since 1996, Chris "Critter" Boucher wanted to create a facility that could not only meet the needs of an avid sportsman looking to purchase goods but also create an environment that all could enjoy.
In 2006, Critter teamed up with Andy "Woodeye" Woods to create their dream business.  Critter expanded on his previous sporting good store and made a huge 5400 square foot store.  Connected to the store, Woodeye opened a Bar and Grill to accommodate hungry archers and their families.  They also created Wisconsin's Largest Indoor Archery Range to give archers all over the area a place to sight-in and have a good time.
Since the beginning, Critter and Woodeye's dream business grew into something bigger than either could have hoped for. Critter expanded his shop to serve not just fisherman and bow hunters, but to handle firearms, a large selection of crossbows, and even act as a Minnkota warranty repair center.  Woodeye grew his bar and grill into a business that serves a large array of food and beverages to all community members and not just the outdoor sport lovers.
Critter and Woodeye have also made several great events possible.  Every January they host Party on Poygan which raises money to help get children involved in the community and interested in outdoor activities. In May, Critter and Woodeye have a Walleye Tournament that gives out thousands of dollars in prize money.  They also sponsor several activities; kids fishing contests, Sovereign State Trout Pong, Bulls Eye for Youth Outdoor Activity Day, and many other activities for local organizations.  They have hosted numerous Professional Walleye Tournaments including National events on the highest competition level of walleye fishing.