With a vast selection of both archery and fishing supplies, you are sure to find what you need at Critters Sports.  From tree stands to ice shanties, rods & reels to electronics for all seasons and lures to plastics, we have what you need to be successful here or just about anywhere in the fishing and hunting world.  Expert knowledge and service are also a part of the formula that has made Critters Sports such a well know "Pro Shop" throughout the area, state and country.  With 5400 square feet of shop space we have the inventory of products that you expect from a shop such as ours. Isles of lures, hooks, line, sinkers, floats, rigs, jigs, spoons and minnow buckets of every classification from simple to aerator equipped, we have it.  Ice rods, casting rods, trolling rods, jigging rods and flippin sticks from the best names in the industry such as Fenwick™, Abu Garcia™, Quantum, Shimano™ and more.  We also have a wide selection of reels to go with them.  From classic values to high end products, we have what discerning anglers choose to outfit themselves with and the line you want to go on it.  Buy your own supply or have our trained staff wind your choice on your reel for you at a cost savings via our bulk stock.  If you are in the lower Wolf River area or plan on fishing Lake Winnebago, Critters is your place to stop!
When it comes to archery, Critters is well known for its selection of bows from BSE, Barnett, Bear and Parker including a large selection of cross bows for those interested in such a weapon.  With a large selection of accessories and the knowledge and ability to service and install them, it's no wonder you see a steady flow of people coming in to have Critter himself work on their bow.  He also has a good selection of bows on the wall ready to shoot and in store practice lane in order to give you a first hand experience in a bow you are interested in prior to buying a new one.  Critters also has a good selection of used bows too.  Stop in and see.